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First time visitor to Temple Beth David, Palm Beach Gardens' Synagogue

We're so glad you are visiting us online. Temple Beth David is an inclusive Jewish community affiliated with the Conservative movement. We have approximately 250 families in our community of all ages and backgrounds. We have many young families who send their children to our Preschool, many families with children in our Religious school or Meyer Prep and many empty-nesters as well.

Our Spiritual Leader, Rabbi Danielle Bensimhon, along with our entire community welcomes you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a daily minyan (service)?

We do. We have an evening minyan (service) Monday-Thursday at 6:30pm and Sunday at 9:00am on Zoom. We have a morning minyan (service) on Saturday at 9:15am and Friday service times and locations vary, please contact the temple office for more information.

How many students are in your preschool?

There are approximately 85 students in our preschool ranging in age from 18 months to 5 years old. 


How can I participate in synagogue life from home or work?
We love it when our members and friends can join us here at Temple Beth David but we do offer virtual services and online classes. 
Do you use musical instruments during services and celebrations?
We do! We believe that music and musical instruments enhance our services and celebrations. Rabbi Bensimhon is a trained violinist and we also have many members who are talented musicians. Friday night services are very musical while Shabbat mornings have less instrumentation.
What is the appropriate dress for services?
On Shabbat, it is traditional to honor the day by wearing beautiful clothing. Many of our friends wear jackets, suits or dresses. Others come dressed more casually. We welcome you in whatever your Shabbat best is.
Do you serve kosher food?
We do. Our kitchen is kosher. At events off-site we follow a vegetarian policy.
How much does it cost to join Temple Beth David?

What's most important is that you know that we are firmly committed to making sure everyone who wants to can join our community. Like all synagogues we have an operating budget that relies on the generosity of our members and friends. We hope you will feel moved to give generously. We also hope you won't allow finances to get in the way of learning and celebrating with us.

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