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♥ Come to learn – with our expert, learned and friendly clergy, and a wide selection of adult continuing education programs.

♥ Come to educate your children – with our award winning Preschool, Hebrew school, and Hebrew High School, where you can take advantage of priority enrollment and member tuition discounts.

♥ Come to mark the meaningful events in your life – with clergy participation and leadership in life cycle events including bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, baby namings, illness or death.

♥ Come to help your neighbors – with our social outreach programs which partner with local schools, work with local food banks and spread the goodness of compassion throughout the greater community.

♥ Come to make friends – with your membership and participation in special events, temple communities, learning projects and services, there are so many opportunities to form friendships and build rewarding relationships with wonderful people with whom you`ll enjoy common interests and shared values.

♥ Come to find spiritual fulfillment – with our Conservative prayer services during Shabbat and the week, the High Holy Days (your tickets for which are an included feature of your membership) and other holidays and festivals throughout the year, you`ll feel the power and satisfaction from communal prayer that has been a feature of our faith and our tradition for thousands of years.

How can you become a part of this? How can you join us? It`s easy. Just come in.


Visit with us and our great people for a service, or an event, or a program.  Then do it again.  It won't be very long before you'll want to make Temple Beth David a part of your life.

We're ready to make you a part of our family.

Click here to join our email list for news of temple events, services and schedules. For more membership information email us or simply call the temple office at 561-694-2350.

To learn about how you can support Temple Beth David financially with your membership, please contact the temple office at                   561-694-2350.

Interfaith Families

Interfaith Families

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the clergy, the membership and the professionals of Temple Beth David, we are delighted to welcome you to our congregation. Whether you are seeking a spiritual home or simply a place to build friendships and enjoy a variety of cultural and educational activities, an opportunity to celebrate Shabbat, holidays and a range of lifecycle experiences, or a community in which you and/or your children can learn and grow, you have made a great start.

Our synagogue welcomes those who wish to partake in the richness of Jewish life. Interfaith couples and families are part of the make-up of our congregational family, reflecting the diversity of an ever-widening variety of people committed to or interested in Jewish life.

At Temple Beth David, we seek to provide a level of comfort in—and accessibility to—Jewish study, Jewish worship, and Jewish life. We are committed to providing a warm, welcoming entry to Judaism to those who are born Jewish, who have chosen Judaism, who are part of a Jewish couple or a Jewish family and those who simply wish to explore Judaism. As part of our community, you will be invited to participate, encouraged to ask questions, and supported in your personal and/or familial journey. 

Welcome to Temple Beth David, your Jewish community.

Brit Milah and Naming Ceremonies
Brit Milah (ritual circumcision) is the rite though which a baby boy is welcomed into the Jewish community and at which he receives his Hebrew name. The Clergy will be happy to assist in the planning and participate in the celebration of this most meaningful ceremony.

For daughters, we celebrate a Simchat Bat (celebration of a daughter). The Cantor will be delighted to discuss the options for a Simchat Bat in the synagogue and/or in your home.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah
The Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony is an important rite of passage, as a Jewish child becomes a Jewish adult. We afford opportunities to all family members to participate in the service.

On Friday night, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child participates in leading our service. On the morning of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Jewish and non-Jewish relatives may take part in our service by sharing blessings and readings. During the service, both parents will be invited to share a blessing with their child.

The union of a couple is always a celebratory event. The Clergy will be happy to meet with all couples contemplating marriage and will discuss opportunities for involvement in the synagogue. 


Jewish Education
One need not be Jewish to take advantage of the many educational opportunities offered by the synagogue. Everyone is welcome to our adult education programs and classes. A child need not be Jewish to attend the Preschool at Temple Beth David. Children of interfaith couples may be enrolled in our Religious School, provided that the child is Jewish or that there is an intent to have the child converted to Judaism.


In the event that a non-Jewish spouse affiliated with our congregation loses a loved one, our cantor will be available for comfort and support. Judaism offers much in the way of mourning practices. Many Jewish traditions are universal in their ability to provide comfort at a time of loss. The cantor is available to discuss rituals and observances that may be helpful in a time of mourning.

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