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Shabbat Evening

Friday nights at Temple Beth David are very special. Our Clergy leads beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat (welcoming Shabbat) and Ma'ariv (evening) services mixing new melodies with traditional prayers. Whether you come to Beach Shabbat, Shabbos Soul, or our regular Friday night celebrations you will leave with a new spirit and a bit of the Shabbat peace that we create together. Friday nights at Beth David feature not only beautiful voices but also instrumentation that enriches and adds to our davening. Service times vary, please call the temple office form more information.

Shabbat Morning


Our Saturday morning service is a blend of music, learning, worship and celebration.  We begin at 9:15 am with the traditional P’sukei D’zimra (verses of song), followed by Shacharit, the morning service. Then we continue with our Torah service, which includes reading the Torah (Five Books of the Torah) and Haftarah (selection from the Prophets) by our Rabbi or various congregants. After the Torah is put away, we share a d'var Torah (word of Torah) linking the weekly Torah portion to current events and what it means to live Jewishly in the 21st century. The Musaf service is led by Rabbi Danielle Bensimhon, who weaves together new and traditional melodies to create vibrant energy. We conclude services by noon and enjoy catching up with our temple family and friends at our Kiddush luncheon.

Shabbos Soul

Shabbos Soul is a whole new way to end the week and welcome Shabbat. Shabbos Soul does away with the formality of the service in favor of a more comfortable, spiritual experience. Participants are invited to sing along or just find their own meditative space.

Shabbos Soul
Beach Shabbat
Beach Shabbat


Shabbat can be anywhere - and nowhere do we feel the power and splendor of Shabbat and the world around us than on the beach! Rabbi Danielle Bensimhon leads us in song – bringing together new melodies with more traditional tunes we know and love. The band brings energy and a happy beat that we all enhance with clapping and singing along. The kids and adults enjoy the beach, the sun, the community and the spirit of Shabbat. It’s a service that’s been described as “the most spiritual Shabbat experience we’ve ever had”. Join us and be inspired!

Bimah Band

Led by Rabbi Bensimhon, Temple Beth David's Bimah Band brings music and joy to services throughout the year. With percussion, winds, strings and more, the Bimah Band is made up entirely of our talented TBD members.

If you'd like to be a part of the TBD Bimah Band, contact Rabbi Bensimhon.

Bimah band at Temple Beth David, Palm Beach Gardens' Synagogue.
Cuddle Up Shabbat
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